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      Founded in 1959, electric drive is in charge of Tianjin Electric Research Institute Co., Ltd. (formerly Tianjin electric drive design and Research Institute), sponsored by Tianjin Electric Research Institute Co., Ltd. and China automation society. It is an authoritative core journal in the field of electric drive automation in China, and the statistical source journal of Chinese scientific and Technological Papers (Chinese scientific and technological core journal) RCCSE, a Chinese core journal, was selected as one of the journals. It is a dual effect Journal of China's journal matrix, an excellent journal of Tianjin, and a first-class Journal of Tianjin. It is publicly distributed at home and abroad.

      With the purpose of "reporting the advanced technology and product trends in the field of electric drive automation at home and abroad, publishing scientific research achievements and summarizing practical experience, promoting scientific and technological exchanges, communicating industry and product information and cultivating talents", it has been published by the database of Japan Science and Technology Promotion Agency (JST), the database of Chinese Core Journals (selection), VIP, Wanfang Super star and other well-known databases at home and abroad have been included in Peking University's "overview of key items of Chinese Core Journals" for 8 consecutive times, which has a wide impact on relevant industries at home and abroad.

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